Thursday, February 4, 2016

Space Lord Leoric - The Saturday Morning Edition

Inspired by Blizzard Entertainment's recent trailer for the Space Lord Leoric skin for 'Heroes of the Storm', I decided to have a go at making the trailer feel like a time capsule from the 1980s...

Using Premiere Pro, I edited the footage to make it feel a little more like a show intro, then stripped out the audio completely and rebuilt it using some era-appropriate music (The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers), along with a smorgasbord of sound effects from a range of early 80s cartoons.

To help create the effect of a VHS snippet, I edited some early 80s television footage into both an intro and outro, and then created an overlay effect to give the footage a tactile sense of age and degradation.

The final steps were a new animated intro in homage to the classic Filmation shows, and a new logo for the show itself.

My first idea for the logo was inspired by the design of the character's headpiece...

However, after experimenting with this I realized that making it top-heavy would be a better approach (allowing it to be used for merchandising and packaging) and so I removed the trident element, re-positioned the text and incorporated another recurring motif from the character's armor into the layout...

With this new design in place I also added a subtitle to once again make it feel more like an 80's animated show, with 'STORM' becoming an acronym for extra effect (possibly standing for 'Super Tactical Orbital Ranger Marines' or 'Syber Threat Omni-Response Moon).

Applying the new design to the original Blizzard art piece (shout out to Luke Mancini, the artist behind the image), I then created a pseudo-3D effect to the logo, added some starbursts and then colorized it to create something that felt as if it could exist somewhere between the He-Man and Transformers franchises.

With the logo finished and added to the video, I then created a vintage advertising poster to test the logo in a print setting...

...and created a logo for Blizzard T.V. in the process.

Following the video and poster, I decided to test the design against different media formats from the time period, namely VHS and NES.

This required creating both the boxes themselves (with appropriately aged, shelf-worn looks) along with the graphic design and layout for the packaging...

While the 'Space Lord' logo and image is prevalent in both, I attempted to make each feel media-specific, with tweaks to make both formats feel authentic.


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